Mateus Penthouse

Make that a triple

Chef’s Table, Events Lounge, Two-Bedroom Apartment. This Penthouse moonlights in three different shapes but one single form: a creative studio for food and arts.

The Stage is Always Set

To the spontaneous artists in all of us, to the souls eager for culture and life and to everyone who wants to be inspired, The Stage is Always Set at Mateus Hotel.

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Meet & Collide

Whether you’ve booked a seat at our table or feel like joining in for a drink, a snack and a dance, the Penthouse is where you will turn to when you want to meet & collide with strangers who will become friends.

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Dining Experience

To the tune of the food inspired by Portuguese mercantile history in Japan, at the Penthouse you will find our Chef’s Table. Overlooking the river, Chef Bruno Antunes and his team dazzle with their unique cross-pollination of flavours and scents.

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Use it as an apartment

The Penthouse can also be reserved as a two-bedroom apartment with the possibility of inviting our Private Chef to help you host your friends – or even just for that cheeky table for two.

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